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Ice Trailers
ABC Ice House Ice Trailer


Our ice trailers are available for rental purposes.

The ice trailers come in two sizes:

Large - - 11' X 6' X 5'
Small - - 7' X 6' X 5

Great for beach parties, carnivals, corporate events, marathons, power outages, city events or anything you might need a refrigerated trailer for.

These trailers can be used for functions lasting several days or for long-term events.
Large Ice Trailer
Large - - 11' X 6' X 5'  

Small Ice Trailer
Small - - 7' X 6' X 5

The Monster Van (Non-refrigerated)

ABC Ice House Monster Van

The Monster Van is a well known resource in the community. Our clients find this useful for smaller, or short-term events such as company picnics, corporate luncheon events, seminars or other same-day events, as it provides large storage for their ice supply.


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