ABC Ice House
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ABC Ice House

We are a full & self serve retail ice store. Some of our services include:

  • Ice Cubes (Party Ice) - 7, 20, 40 lb. bags
  • Ice Blocks - 10, 23 lb. blocks
  • Carving Blocks - 300 lb. (Crystal Clear)
  • Dry Ice - Walk-ins & Deliveries
  • Shipping Boxes (Insulated Pads)
  • Ice Sleds (Rental Specials)
  • Refrigerated Trailer (Rental Specials)
  • Misc. Items - Ice Chests, Coolers, Gel Packs
  • Ice Sculptures
  • Snow Scenes (Residential & Commercial Sites)

Full Service For:

dry iceSchool Functions
Cafeterias / Restaurants
Company Picnics
Sporting Games, Catering Events, Church Events, Medical Facilities, and more...

dry ice, ice cubes, ice block

Orange County's Most Reliable Source for Ice & Dry Ice

Local Delivery Available
24 hours - 7 days a week.

Delivery at reasonable prices. To save money, see store hours to pick up ice.

¤ Dry Ice Delivery: Labs, Broken Freezers, Power Outages, Shipping Frozen Goods, etc.

¤ Cube & Block Ice Delivery: Restaurants, Super Markets, Parties, Weddings, Catered Events, etc.

*Orange County deliveries
60 to 90 minutes from request!*
Call: (714) 641-3840

 Contact Us:

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